The Hebrew birth Plate


A Jewish birth certificate on ceramic available in Full Color and Monochrome


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The Hebrew Birth Plate

A decorated ceramic
Jewish Birth Certificate
made in Israel by
Small Signs
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Hebrew Birth Plate - Full Color version


Hebrew Birth Plate - Size Large in Earth hue. On top: Mazal Tov.

In the sample above:
Sea colors

Size framed: 9.5"x7.5" (23x18 cm)
Price: 186 ILS (convert)

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The tile is vailable in two colors: "Earth" and "Sea"
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Hebrew Birth Plate - Monochrome version


Hebrew Birth Plate - Monochrome version - Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue

Hebrew Birth Plate - Monochrome version - Scarlet Red
Scarlet Red

Size framed: 9.5"x7.5" (23x18 cm)
Price: 186 ILS (convert)

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Information on the Hebrew Birth Plate

The decoration

The Hebrew Birth Plate's decoration is inspired by an old Jerusalem ceramic floral motif. In order to acquire a lasting value, the tile is expressly designed not to be childish. This personalized art work aims at accompanying the new individual all his life is destined to remain a fond lifelong reminder.

Every plate is decorated using a mixed art technique which combines hand painting using up to 9 different colors plus the silkscreen printing of the black outlines.

Every tile is completely weatherproof and washable. framed in a solid unvarnished wood frame and ready to be hung on the wall. Clear mounting & care instructions are included in the package.


The calligraphic inscription

The calligraphic inscription of the Hebrew Birth Plate is entirely written with a free hand by a professional Hebrew calligraphy artist, and therefore the lettering differs slightly with each name or letter combination.

The Hebrew Birth Plate carries the following details:

  • One of the following Hebrew forms:
    - Mazel Tov
    - BS"D, the acronym of Besyatah Deshmayah (Aramaic: "With God's Help")
  • Hebrew and English name
  • Hebrew birth date written in both Latin and Hebrew characters
  • Common birth date written in Latin characters
  • Optional extra details, like time of birth, weight, measurement, name of the Godfather (Sandak) or the circumciser (Mohel). Better to choose the Large size as there is more room for extra inscriptions.

How to order

Let's make a perfect gift together!

At first - Before ordering a Hebrew Birth Plate, please gather precise information regarding:

  1. Exact spelling of the English name of the newborn.
  2. Hebrew name. In case of uncommon Hebrew names we need to know the exact Hebrew spelling.
  3. Birth date and time of birth: we need to know if the baby was born Before or After the sunset, so we can calculate precisely the Hebrew date.

When you are ready to order, click one of the Add to Cart buttons above and you will enter in the Small Signs' Shopping Cart (separate window). There you will be asked to:

  • Choose: the Hue - Sea colors or Earth colors
  • Choose: a top inscription - Mazel Tov or BS"D (With G-d's Help)
  • Type: the English name of the newborn
  • Type: the Hebrew name of the newborn (you can type it in Hebrew or in English, also adding instructions)
  • Type: the birth date (e.g. October 23, 2009)
  • Type: the time of birth - if Before or After the sunset
  • Type: extra details to be inscribed, if any (like lenght and weight at birth)
  • Type: the greeting message for the recipient, if any
  • Choose: where to print the Greeting message, if on a regular paper sheet or on the Metal Chamsa Greeting Card (for tzedakah)
  • Type: any further instruction, if relevant

Then you will be transferred to PayPal, where you will be able to pay using a Credit Card, an Electronic Check or your own PayPal account (if you have one).
At the end of the payment process, you will receive an email order confirmation from our Cart, including order and shipping details and, separately, a payment receipt from PayPal

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