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Jewish baby Names

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Hebrew Baby Names

Learn Hebrew Names
Learn Hebrew Names brings a vast collection of Hebrew, Jewish and Biblical names including their meaning, history and their citation from the Bible.

Jewish Given Names
(by JewishGen.org) - These slides accompany the presentation on Jewish Given Names given at the 18th Seminar on Jewish Genealogy, Los Angeles, July 1998, by Warren Blatt.

Naming your Jewish Baby
(by Lisa Katz ) - With each child, the world begins anew. (Ancient Jewish Saying).

Jewish Names - Historically, Jews did not have permanent family surnames at all. Within the Jewish community, we used patronymics, such as David ben (son of) Joseph or Miriam bat (daughter of) Aaron. Names in that form are still used...

Baby Namings in My Interfaith Family
(by Jim Keen - From InterfaithFamily.com, a magazine for interfaith families).

What's in a name?
Choosing a Hebrew name for a baby is a serious responsibility as it charts a course for the body and soul of the individual and may well determine his or her future. (from aish.com).

Shalom Baby
A program of the Women's Division of the Jewish United Fund, rejoices with the families of babies who have recently joined our Chicago Jewish community.

Simchat Bat
Celebrating the Birth of a Baby Girl.

Rituals for a Baby Daughter
(by Caryn Meltz) - It's a girl! When do you name her? When should you throw the party? After eight days, two weeks, a month?

Universal Baby Names

Baby Name Meanings
20000 baby names with their meanings, popular baby boy and baby girl names, pregnancy advice. baby names book.

Baby Names World
Search over 20,000 baby names, meanings and origins! We have boy names, girl names, top names by year, naming forums and more to find the perfect baby names 217 books for every nationality.

Baby Name Chooser
Over 14661 different names for your baby.

The Perfect Name for Your Baby may be Hidden in the Past
A genealogical point of view.

Baby Names Book Feast
More baby name books.

Get your own Chinese name
Get your own Chinese name based on your English name and find out your sign in the Chinese Zodiac.

Baby Names
A list of baby naming tips to be sure you consider every possibility. Top 20 Baby names of the month.

Chinese Names
Common baby names in Chinese, including free English name to Chinese translation.

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